8% Guarantee

Our 8% Guarantee Program is an ideal investment for:

  • Risk-Averse Individuals
  • Income-Focused Retirees
  • Anyone Seeking a Guaranteed Monthly Stream of Cash

8% Guaranteed Return on Asset Backed Loans

  • Minimum Amount – $50,000
  • Maximum Amount – $3,000,000
  • Contract is between Lender & Blue Sky Homes LLC
  • Monthly interest payments are paid on 1st of the month
  • Monthly interest payments commence one month following Blue Sky’s receipt of funds
  • Standard loan period is 12 months with an option to extend, if both parties agree
  • Final payment includes full amount of initial loan plus accrued interest
  • Blue Sky Homes retains the right to pay off the loan early without penalty
  • Loan is secured by deed of trust on a specific property owned by Blue Sky Homes
  • Funds are repaid upon sale of property, refinance or expiration of loan term, whichever occurs first

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Since 2009, Blue Sky Homes has borrowed in excess of $100 Million and repaid its lenders with a 100% success rate, representing over $5 Million in returns!

For more information call Nick Blue at: 480.900.7252
Or send an email to: info@nickblue.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Testimonials for our Guaranteed Interest Program …

Mr & Mrs William K. Moore Kirk & Brenda … We had seen several Blue Sky Homes properties in person during different stages of remodeling and were so impressed with the quality, efficiency and timeliness of their operation, we decided to invest. It’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! It’s great to see those checks automatically deposited into our account every month, on time and guaranteed! Nick Blue and his team are hard workers, do a first class job on every house and the results are stellar. We highly recommend this investment opportunity!

SujayPatelSujay Patel … I am a Canadian physician and avid real estate investor. More recently, I have preferred more passive and fixed dividend income types of investments as my family life has become my focus. People who know me well know that I make my financial investments with a great deal of due diligence, and among my friends and colleagues I am a trusted financial adviser because of this. This has also been the reason for a lot of my success. I came to know of Blue Sky Homes after an exhaustive internet research in my hopes to find a reliable US real estate firm where I could invest a small amount of US money that I had saved. The investment opportunity that was presented on the Blue Sky Homes website encouraged me to take the step to email and phone the CEO, Nick Blue. Nick was not only prompt in his communications with me, more impressive was his genuine kindness, authenticity and warmth. It was also clear that he had a solid knowledge of real estate investing. I felt easily reassured that my investment would be safe in Nick’s hands even though I never met him in person. I told Nick that if I was happy, I would consider further investments. For that one year, Blue Sky Homes made investment payments into my bank account without any difficulties. Towards the end of the year, Nick’s team also helped me prepare information for my tax accountant. After a successful year, my wife and I decided we should meet Nick and his team, so we planned a trip to Arizona. Nick and his team, being as gracious as they are, organized wonderful accommodations for us and made sure we were looked after well. We got to meet Nick’s team and see some of their projects. The quality and efficiency of his setup was impressive. My family got to also meet Nick’s family, which was a wonderful experience. It was a pleasure to know that Nick and I were both enjoying first time fatherhood with new daughters. Nick was clearly grounded and seemed to really care that his investors (many of which are his own family) were happy and saw them as long-term partners. We were so encouraged that we have decided to invest more with Nick, knowing that our investment is not only secure but providing excellent returns.