10% Guarantee

Our 10% Guarantee Program is an ideal investment for:

  • Risk-Averse Individuals
  • Income-Focused Retirees
  • Anyone Seeking a Guaranteed Monthly Stream of Cash

10% Guaranteed Return on Asset Backed Loans

  • Contract is between Lender & Blue Sky Homes LLC
  • Loan is secured by deed of trust on Blue Sky properties
  • Monthly interest payments are paid on 1st of the month
  • Monthly interest payments commence one month following Blue Sky’s receipt of funds
  • Standard loan period is 12 months with an option to extend if both parties agree
  • Funds are repaid upon sale of property, refinance or expiration of loan term, whichever occurs first
  • Final payment includes full amount of initial loan plus accrued interest
  • Blue Sky Homes retains the right to pay off the loan early without penalty
  • Minimum Amount – $50,000
  • Maximum Amount – $3,000,000

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Since 2009, Blue Sky Homes has borrowed in excess of $75 Million and repaid its lenders with a 100% success rate, representing over $4.5 Million in returns!

For more information call Nick Blue at: 480.900.7252
Or send an email to: info@nickblue.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)